I am from Poem

Based on the Where I’m From poem by George Ella Lyon







I am from skateboards

From croquetas and paella

I am from the nice and cool dive in my grandmother’s  pool on summer vacation

I am from a forest full of pine trees

The delicious piñones in the pine trees falling to the forest floor

I’m from a very cold dip on the ocean the 31 of december   

From Jose and Alberto

I’m from the ones that love sports and the cinema every week

From go to sleep the 3 kings are coming tonight, and leave your tooth on the bottom of the pillow the tooth fairy is coming

I’m from the god believer

I’m from the town that loves soccer, and from the sand in San Sebastian

From the delicious cake that my mom makes , and the delicious sandwiches that I eat every week end  

From the story  my mom told  me, about when her dad died on a plane crash when she was just 13 years old

The smile in my nana’s face every day I woke up

From the lovely pictures in my garage in spain, that will stai there forever

From my grandmas afro to the round tennis racket


Collective Identity article The privileged Americans

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.30.49 AM


Questions my partner and I answer.

When did the group arrive?

Why did they come?


Where are they located geographically on the isthmus?

How were they treated?

Why were they treated this way?

What were their living conditions?

What conflicts ensued?

How did they contribute to society?

How did they become part of the Panamanian society?

How are they viewed today?


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