Dear Diary- Esperanza

Dear diary


Today has been my first day at work. I was very excited because I was going help pay my part of my education. It was an easy job but sometimes it was kind of boring. I was also very lonely, and I had no one to talk to while I was working.

As I was leaving the office I found this old man and we started talking, while we were talking he tricked me and something very disgusting happened. An old man has forced me to kiss him on the mouth. It awful, nasty, horrible!! and couldn’t forget what happened at that moment. He acted being nice to me just because he wanted a kiss on the mouth. I wanted to to cry and run away. He was saying it was his birthday and that he wanted a birthday kiss, so I just went to kiss him on the cheek and then he graved my face and kissed me on the lips. I was very confused and mad because he didn’t want to let go of my face. this was a very awful experience and I will never forget what happened that day.

This represents Esperanza coming of age because she is more attractive to men, she wants to find a job to pay part of her education, she is being aware on what education she is getting, She is being more independent, and also she is acting older with her dress so she can fit in.


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