My grandpa Atxixa


My grandpa Atxixa

Yago, Atxixa se ha muerto said my dad while tears were falling out of his eyes. My grandpa at atxixa the amazing swimmer and soccer player just pas away at the age of 98. My grandpa the one that lived a very long life, and the one that since the age of 93 needed a helper because he couldn’t walk any more. I remember playing soccer with him in summer vacation and passing each other the soft and fluffy ball that he used all the time. My grandpa the one that had no teeth and no one could understand him. I hugged my dad as hard as I could while crying like him. I knew my dad was gonna go to spain because he was never going to mis his dad’s funeral. I knew all my dad’s part of the family were going to gather in the cemetery with black and white clothing.


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