Memoir Monday

How I broke my leg


It was a normal day in Spain packing our bags to go to panama for the first time to visit. After I finished packing I went outside to ride a static bike, and every  time I rided my parents statik I tried to go as fast I could. That time I don’t know what happened but something went wrong and my feet got out of the pedals and since the static bikes are different from the normal bikes the pedals never stop until the wheel stops and accidentally I put my right foot on where you put the water bottle and since the pedal had not stopped jet the pedal came from behind and broke my tibia and fibula at the same time.

When we arrived to the hospital the doctor was saying that my leg was not broken. My dad was insisting the doctor to do and X-ray but the doctor was saying it was not worth it, so my dad kept insisting until they finally did and X-ray of my right leg and it was obviously broken. After they put my cast on we went back home with a cast from my toos to the middle of my femur. I was very sad because cause I was going to have to wear a cast during all my summer in panama. At the end of the summer in Panama was amazing and I could do so many things with my cast such as I could surf and snorkel.


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