Renovating my house

I was in the airport just about to get on a plane to go to Spain to visit my family.

I was very happy to go because I knew that when I came back to panama my house was going to be renovated. The best thing of renovating my house was that finally we were going to have 2 bathroom except for just one for all my family. And another thing that I was very excited about was that I was going to get my own room for the first time.


Everyday I talked to my parents throw skype and I saw all the new renovations that were happening. I was getting more excited every single day to see the new renovation they were doing. I just couldn’t wait to get to panama to see the new house. Days past and past and I was getting so close to go back to Panama.


It was my turn to go home (Panama) I was so excited to see the renovation of my house. I asked my parents if the renovation of the house was finished… they said no, as sad as I was I was still excited to see all the renovations they had done. I got home and my hopes were down because I thought the house was going to be almost finished but it was not like I assumed it would be.


Since then I had been waiting for the renovations to get done but they are still not done they are still missing the third bathroom and all the outside flore.


Fighting with parent


Finally it was Friday afternoon,

It was time to relax

And hang with friends.

I grabbed my bike and went home,

I asked my parents if I could go

To Mario’s house,

We had to do a video about Mario and Yago.

As always I thought they were going

To say yes,

They said no.

They said I had to do homework,

But I can do it tomorrow i said,

They weren’t convinced and said no,

I keep arguing,

But they still said no.

As sad that I was

I went to my room, with a lemon juice and started doing


The lemon was so sour, and sweet in my mouth,

But it wasn’t as sweet as a orange juice.

I asked my parents again,

They asked me if I finished my homework,

Yes I said yes, i finished my homework.

you can go they said,

I was very, very happy,

I thanked them, grabbed my bike,

And left,

I was fling on my bike.


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