Fighting with parent


Finally it was Friday afternoon,

It was time to relax

And hang with friends.

I grabbed my bike and went home,

I asked my parents if I could go

To Mario’s house,

We had to do a video about Mario and Yago.

As always I thought they were going

To say yes,

They said no.

They said I had to do homework,

But I can do it tomorrow i said,

They weren’t convinced and said no,

I keep arguing,

But they still said no.

As sad that I was

I went to my room, with a lemon juice and started doing


The lemon was so sour, and sweet in my mouth,

But it wasn’t as sweet as a orange juice.

I asked my parents again,

They asked me if I finished my homework,

Yes I said yes, i finished my homework.

you can go they said,

I was very, very happy,

I thanked them, grabbed my bike,

And left,

I was fling on my bike.



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