Renovating my house

I was in the airport just about to get on a plane to go to Spain to visit my family.

I was very happy to go because I knew that when I came back to panama my house was going to be renovated. The best thing of renovating my house was that finally we were going to have 2 bathroom except for just one for all my family. And another thing that I was very excited about was that I was going to get my own room for the first time.


Everyday I talked to my parents throw skype and I saw all the new renovations that were happening. I was getting more excited every single day to see the new renovation they were doing. I just couldn’t wait to get to panama to see the new house. Days past and past and I was getting so close to go back to Panama.


It was my turn to go home (Panama) I was so excited to see the renovation of my house. I asked my parents if the renovation of the house was finished… they said no, as sad as I was I was still excited to see all the renovations they had done. I got home and my hopes were down because I thought the house was going to be almost finished but it was not like I assumed it would be.


Since then I had been waiting for the renovations to get done but they are still not done they are still missing the third bathroom and all the outside flore.


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