journal entry#4

Meaning of the word “nigger lover”


As we all know during the 1930s there was a lot of segregation towards black people, black people didn’t have as many rights as the white, also during that time, the book to kill a mockingbird was occurring. In the book to kill a mockingbird, it talks about how all macomb county is white except, for Calpurnia. In the book you can also see how the people in macomb county are against black people, that is why people are telling Atticus not to have Calpurnia as a nanny.


In the story Harper Lee mentions the phrase “nigger lover” this phrase is for Atticus, people in Maycomb county tell Atticus that he is a nigger lover, this is because since Atticus is a loser he has the decision to go for back people of for white people. I macomb county everyone calls him that because they think that Atticus is doing the wrong thing. The phrase “nigger lover” mean that you are for niggers, I think that Atticus is making this decision because he knows that Calpurnia is a normal person, and he thinks that every black is equal to white people, I think that is why Atticus is defending tom. This is a powerful insult because someone calling you a nigger lover is a phrase that you would not like to known for that. This phrase is also very powerful because, since at that time there was a lot of racial issues towards blacks the white population was one part and the black population was another one, and if you were called a nigger lover, it meant that they were excluding you because if you are white you are not supposed to defend black people, and that was the opposite of what Atticus was doing.


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