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Bey children I am leaving I have to go get something. I knew what I had to do, but I didn’t want to scare Jem or scout. I arrived to the courthouse, I got my chair, my newspaper and waited till the men arrived. The men finally arrived, they were in 2 different car, they were driving slow, until they stopped the car. 8 men hoped out of the cars”he in there mr.finch” a man said.. He is and don’t wake him up, i said.. I was very scared because it was 8vs1. “ get aside from the door Mr.finch.” You can turn around and go home, Walter.” heck tate’s around somewhere”. The hell he is,” another man said.

“Called’ me off on a snipe hunt”, was the sufficient answer. “ didn’t you think a’that, mr.finch”.I thought about it but I didn’t believe it. Well then that changes things don’t it?” “it do,” another deep voice said. Do you really think so, I said. Suddenly , scout appears out of the darkness, “hey Atticus”” scout said. I was very scared and nervous because I knew what the men could do to scout..I immediately went to Jem  and told him to take scout and dill home. “No I am not leaving” I knew why Jem was here , he was worried about  me.


Scout started to talk to Walter Cunningham.. “Hey Mr.Cunningham, how’s your entailment getting along” scout said. I was very shocked. “ don’t you remember me Mr.Cunningham? I”m Jein Louise finch. You brought us some hickory nuts one time, remember?” scout said. I couldn’t believe how scout was  controlling grown up men.” I go to school with Walter, he’s your boy ain’t he,” scout said. Mr.Cunningham was remembering that he knew scout.” e is in my grade, and he does right well, he’s a good boy, a real nice boy.” Scout said “ we brought him home to dinner once, tell him I said hey , won’t you.”  said scout. I looked at the men and they had their mouths half open.” i’ll tell him you said hey, little lady” said Mr.Cunningham.Let’s clear out, let’s get going boys, he said. I was very relieved, I thought those men were going to do something to scout.  I massaged Jem’s hair while telling him thank you for worrying about me and for not leaving when I told you to.


2018 New Year’s Resolutions Yago Uribe


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Readers Responds journal entry #5

Are there some fights you can have with friends that make it impossible to remain friends?   

Yes, there are some fights you have with friends that make it so that you become even better friends There are many types of fights that can happen between friends. Some fights happen because of friends being very competitive, some fight that happened with friends also are because many friend do bets and maybe a friend does not want to pay you. Friend also get into fight when other friend steal money from them.


What types of fights are those?

I believe there are absolutely some fights between friends that can make it impossible to remain friends.  Most of these fights have something to do with trust. Some Examples are that maybe you want to hang out with a friend and they say they got to do homework or something like that, and then you go alone to a place and you find him and other friends hanging out without you. Maybe also if you have your wallet at home and your friend comes to you house and steal money away from you.


What does it say about Atticus that he doesn’t view the insults he receives for defending Tom Robinson as reason enough to end any friendships?

Atticus doesn’t view the insults he receives for defending Tom Robinson as reason enough to end friendships because he was defending his client. Atticus also doesn’t care about the insulted they say to him because he knows he is doing the right thing because he thinks every human, no matter if they are a woman, or black, he knows that every person has the same rights.


How can you respond when friends or family members express views that you find abhorrent?

I think any person has the right to say their opinion, and no one has the right to say that is wrong, you have to learn to respects other people’s opinions because if you respect their opinion they are going to respect theirs. What you are not supposed to do is tell the person to change the viewpoint about the topic, because the wrong person could be you and not him. And if you tell him that that person could start a fight. This happens all around the world every single day, and everyone should respect people’s opinions no matter sex, culture, beliefs, culture, etc. everyone thinks differently and trying to convince the other people to think like you can cause war, and separation from each other.

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The Great Depression journal entry #1

The great depression


The great depression lasted from 1929 to 1939, this was during the book “To Kill a Mockingbird”. It began after the stock market crashed on october 1929. Over the next couple of years, consumers spending and investment dropped, cause steep declining in industrial output, and employment were failing and companies laid out workers. On the year 1933, the great depression went down till its lowest point. More than 15 million americans were unemployed and nearly half the people in the countries banks had failed. One of the ways people made money was by selling their kids.


On october 1928, there were more employees going to work. A record of 12.9 million shares were traded, that day was known as the black thursday. Five days later, on october 29 the black tuesday happened 16 million shares were treated after another wave of panic swept wall street. on the year 1933 unemployment raised from 3 percent to 25 percent. As a result, word trade plumed 65 percent a massured in US dollars





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