writing from a different perspective

Bey children I am leaving I have to go get something. I knew what I had to do, but I didn’t want to scare Jem or scout. I arrived to the courthouse, I got my chair, my newspaper and waited till the men arrived. The men finally arrived, they were in 2 different car, they were driving slow, until they stopped the car. 8 men hoped out of the cars”he in there mr.finch” a man said.. He is and don’t wake him up, i said.. I was very scared because it was 8vs1. “ get aside from the door Mr.finch.” You can turn around and go home, Walter.” heck tate’s around somewhere”. The hell he is,” another man said.

“Called’ me off on a snipe hunt”, was the sufficient answer. “ didn’t you think a’that, mr.finch”.I thought about it but I didn’t believe it. Well then that changes things don’t it?” “it do,” another deep voice said. Do you really think so, I said. Suddenly , scout appears out of the darkness, “hey Atticus”” scout said. I was very scared and nervous because I knew what the men could do to scout..I immediately went to Jem  and told him to take scout and dill home. “No I am not leaving” I knew why Jem was here , he was worried about  me.


Scout started to talk to Walter Cunningham.. “Hey Mr.Cunningham, how’s your entailment getting along” scout said. I was very shocked. “ don’t you remember me Mr.Cunningham? I”m Jein Louise finch. You brought us some hickory nuts one time, remember?” scout said. I couldn’t believe how scout was  controlling grown up men.” I go to school with Walter, he’s your boy ain’t he,” scout said. Mr.Cunningham was remembering that he knew scout.” e is in my grade, and he does right well, he’s a good boy, a real nice boy.” Scout said “ we brought him home to dinner once, tell him I said hey , won’t you.”  said scout. I looked at the men and they had their mouths half open.” i’ll tell him you said hey, little lady” said Mr.Cunningham.Let’s clear out, let’s get going boys, he said. I was very relieved, I thought those men were going to do something to scout.  I massaged Jem’s hair while telling him thank you for worrying about me and for not leaving when I told you to.


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