Book vs Movie review: Read the book before watching the movie


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Many people say that movies are better than the actual book, but is that true? If you stop and read the actual book I bet you would see how much thing those the movie leaves out that is in the book. I think that the movie was as good as the book but it left out some very important parts that if it had them it would have been much better.


To Kill a Mockingbird takes place back in the 1930s on the east side of the US in the state of Alabama, in a microcosm town named Maycomb county. The story is narrated by a 9-year-old girl played by Mary Madham that is very naive about the racism at that time, her brother Jem is played by Philip Alford. Her dad Atticus Finch, played by Gregory Peck tries to defend the black man that was accused of the rape of a white woman. Being in favor of a black man at that time was the wrong thing, and because of that people in Macomb county started calling Atticus “nigger lover”.


One example of how the movie leaves out something important that is in the book is when the book shows the relationship between Jem, Scout and Boo Radley by showing how boo is always leaving stuff in the knothole and how he is always watching them thro his window. This doesn’t happen in the movie because the movie only shows one time when Jem finds something in the knothole, and that is the only thing it shows. In the book, you could see how their relationship got harder, and harder and then when Robert Ewell was going to kill them, boo Radley comes out to save them, that all made sense. But in the movie, since they don’t show all the senses when Jem and scout find stuff in the knothole, at the end when Boo Radley came out and saved them it doesn’t really make sense because during the movie you can’t see the relationship between them. 


Another example how the movie leaves something very important that the book doesn’t is that Mrs.Dubose often would get mad at Jem and Scout, but it shows how Atticus would respect her and even made Jem go to her house every day to read to her. Atticus also made Jem go water her plants once as well. All of this shows this shows Jem’s and scouts behavior witAtticusus and how they would do what Atticus says even though they didn’t want to. It also shows atticus’s respect towards her even though Mrs.dubose calls him a “nigger lover” for defending Tom Robinson. In the movie, you can’t see this and this should have been in the movie because in the movie you can’t really see how people in maycomb county were against atticus defending a black man. And also how atticus’s kids were very polite because they did whatever atticus told them to do.


Another example how the movie leaves something very important that the book doesn’t is, In the book when scout went to school the first day it explains everything that happened in class and how a kid didn’t have money to eat lunch. And in the movie, you can’t see that. This should have been in the movie because people have to know how the education in the 1930s where and how some people were able to eat lunch do to the great depression. This also shows how some kids in school had to drop out each year to go help their families in their farms because during the great depression people didn’t earn any money, so for them to at least eat something they had to take their kids out of school to work.


In my opinion, the movie was not like the book. It left out many parts that were very important. The book really helps you understand the details that didn’t appear in the movie. If I would give it a rate I will give it 2.5 out of 5 because since I read the book and then watched the movie I started to think about those parts that the movie left out, that if it wouldn’t have left out the movie would have been so much better. I would prefer to read the book before watching the movie.



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