My grandpa Atxixa


My grandpa Atxixa

Yago, Atxixa se ha muerto said my dad while tears were falling out of his eyes. My grandpa at atxixa the amazing swimmer and soccer player just pas away at the age of 98. My grandpa the one that lived a very long life, and the one that since the age of 93 needed a helper because he couldn’t walk any more. I remember playing soccer with him in summer vacation and passing each other the soft and fluffy ball that he used all the time. My grandpa the one that had no teeth and no one could understand him. I hugged my dad as hard as I could while crying like him. I knew my dad was gonna go to spain because he was never going to mis his dad’s funeral. I knew all my dad’s part of the family were going to gather in the cemetery with black and white clothing.

Dear Diary- Esperanza

Dear diary


Today has been my first day at work. I was very excited because I was going help pay my part of my education. It was an easy job but sometimes it was kind of boring. I was also very lonely, and I had no one to talk to while I was working.

As I was leaving the office I found this old man and we started talking, while we were talking he tricked me and something very disgusting happened. An old man has forced me to kiss him on the mouth. It awful, nasty, horrible!! and couldn’t forget what happened at that moment. He acted being nice to me just because he wanted a kiss on the mouth. I wanted to to cry and run away. He was saying it was his birthday and that he wanted a birthday kiss, so I just went to kiss him on the cheek and then he graved my face and kissed me on the lips. I was very confused and mad because he didn’t want to let go of my face. this was a very awful experience and I will never forget what happened that day.

This represents Esperanza coming of age because she is more attractive to men, she wants to find a job to pay part of her education, she is being aware on what education she is getting, She is being more independent, and also she is acting older with her dress so she can fit in.

Letter to Cathy

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Dear Cathy,

I wanted you to know that you were very rude to me and the other girls. You were stereotyping the girls because of their cloths, and you took it to far with your comments.

You acted very tough like if you were a higher social economics than us. Also relating yourself to the queen of France, to act more popular and awesome to the word but actually you think that and it is not true. You also said you were the queen of cats, and there is no such thing as the queen of cats, and just because you have a lot of cats doesn’t mean that you have to see yourself as the queen of cat’s.


You think I am some kind of slave because you were telling me what to do. You were saying that you would be my friend but until next tuesday, they only thing you wanted to do with me was to talk to me because everybody in the neighborhood doesn’t like you because you think you are the best.


Because of your attitude towards other people, now nobody wants to hang out with you because you probably said the same thing to other people, and that is why you have so many cat’s because they only living thing that wants to be with you are your cat’s and that is the only thing you have. Next time keep the comments to yourself.





I am from Poem

Based on the Where I’m From poem by George Ella Lyon







I am from skateboards

From croquetas and paella

I am from the nice and cool dive in my grandmother’s  pool on summer vacation

I am from a forest full of pine trees

The delicious piñones in the pine trees falling to the forest floor

I’m from a very cold dip on the ocean the 31 of december   

From Jose and Alberto

I’m from the ones that love sports and the cinema every week

From go to sleep the 3 kings are coming tonight, and leave your tooth on the bottom of the pillow the tooth fairy is coming

I’m from the god believer

I’m from the town that loves soccer, and from the sand in San Sebastian

From the delicious cake that my mom makes , and the delicious sandwiches that I eat every week end  

From the story  my mom told  me, about when her dad died on a plane crash when she was just 13 years old

The smile in my nana’s face every day I woke up

From the lovely pictures in my garage in spain, that will stai there forever

From my grandmas afro to the round tennis racket

Collective Identity article The privileged Americans

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Questions my partner and I answer.

When did the group arrive?

Why did they come?


Where are they located geographically on the isthmus?

How were they treated?

Why were they treated this way?

What were their living conditions?

What conflicts ensued?

How did they contribute to society?

How did they become part of the Panamanian society?

How are they viewed today?